Hi, I'm Anita, and I'm so glad you are visiting my Etsy shop! In 2013 our youngest of five children got married, and the very next week we found ourselves driving their moving truck down to Naples Florida. Within just a few days of heading back to Indiana, we fell in love with the salty blue ocean, white sandy beaches, and all the beautiful nature. I remember our drive back to normal life, and dreaming aloud together about pushing the restart button on our lives. It really was an exciting, but scary thought. My husband had over 20 years at his job that was very secure. To shorten a long story, we bought a small business delivering baked goods, work together at it, basically third shift hours.

We now live steps from the ocean in a little blue beach house. During the day we are beach treasure hunting or I am creating artwork. Shell hunting is fun, but very time consuming; 98% of our shells are found, cleaned and repurposed by us, which means every item is authentically coastal. During the cleaning process I appreciate the unique beauty of each shell; I love the imperfections, they are like beauty marks to me. And OH! Don't even get me started on barnacles, I LOVE them!!

I have been an artist as long as I can remember. I find fulfillment in creating, whether painting (I've sold more than 150 original paintings) or taking found pieces and making something beautiful. You can be sure that everything I create is a one of a kind work of art. If you do find you admire something that has already been sold, I would love to create something similar and just as beautiful especially for you!